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If you are about to order a perfume for your own personal use or for someone else as a gift, is the ideal place for you to read about the brand new fragrances on the market you are hardly aware, or thoroughly unaware of. Or maybe you will discover more interesting details about your best-loved perfumes. In any case, you will enrich your knowledge of fragrances. The included pricing info will additionally help you discover the most attractive prices on the web.

Essential oils

Ambergris. Favorable substance which resembles tree resin. It does not contain any alcohol and that is what makes the ambergris one of the high class and expensive oils – in ancient times it was worth more than gold. It is a strong aphrodisiac.

Bergamot. It resembles a small citric fruit. It is an excellent antiseptic highly efficient in loss of appetite, intestinal parasites and koliki. It helps fight off fungus infections. It lowers down high temperature in colds, relieves the throat and makes the soreness go away. The oil extracted from the fruit’s skin is used not only in the perfume industry but in confectionery also.

Aromatherapy – healing through essential oils

Essential Oils have sprung to life long before antibiotics. They have been used as a means to help strengthen the body in both neurological and surgical practices. This was not a common practice solely based in Asia – Hippocrates had healed poisoning and jaundice using lemon and the protection of various plagues was possible through the inhaling of juniper.

These methods of aromatherapy have great advantages among the supporters of this particular direction of healing. They are both effective and safe. Also according to the understanding of ancient Asiatic medicine essential oils possess sedative, antibacterial, antiviral, antitoxic and antifungal qualities. These understandings refer to the fact that the essential oils contain a large variety of healthy elements – antioxidants, pro-vitamins and pro-hormones. They manage to penetrate the cell walls and deliver nutritional substances and oxygen inside them. In this manner they manage to aid in the deliverance of balance among the immune and endocrine systems.

Female scents depending on the male zodiac

The male Aries is dynamic, impatient and in most cases open. He loves honor, is stubborn and sometimes rough. You cannot win his heart with just signs. You need a fragrance that is strong enough and honest. Our advice is to place your trust in the Paloma Picasso or the modern Agent Provocateur.

The male Taurus loves all pleasures that life can offer, we strives towards physical and psychological comfort, avoids sudden changes because he fears them. He is very sensitive, slow and indecisive. In order to awaken his flame you will need the warm earth scents, tender flowers and fresh fruits like Diorella by Christian Dior, Noa by Cacharel or Chance by Chanel.

Aromatic Zodiac

Aries – they are extremely hard-working and energetic. Sometimes they get so carried away in their tasks that they fail to manage their time accordingly. This may sometimes result in a reason to neglect their family. Ginger oil and the flavor of coriander may help them to slow down their pace. After all, this particular zodiac sign likes the strong and adventurist flavors. Exotic fruits, freesia, magnolia, jasmine, pepper, ambergris and musk perfectly outline the nature of these representatives of the zodiac.

Perfume compositions

In a French manner they are called Parfum, by English manner – Perfume. They have a third name – Extrait, but it is old and is no longer in use. Perfumes are most concentrated and intense. In those the actual flavor is no more than 20-30% by law. Natural essences from flowers are used. They are extremely expensive and in most other compositions are present partially or in the form of an artificial replacement. Perfumes are sold in tiny falcons usually 7 or 15ml. these falcons interesting in shape, the package is pretty and speaks of elegance. In terms of quality perfumes are the best, in terms of price most expensive.

Eau de Parfum – EDP
Translated literally it means water from a perfume. Some producers use the name Parfum de Toilette. In terms of strength and duration the flavor comes in number 2. The flavor concentrates here are 15-25% and 96% alcohol. Eau de parfum, regardless of its name is suitable for women where perfumes are not just a habit but a way of life.